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What is beingmore?


What do you need more of? 

Beingmore offers yoga classes and coaching programs to create better health, inner peace, life/work balance, happiness, and much more…

Currently beingmore runs weekly yoga classes, mini-retreats and one to one coaching programs. Plus specialised courses for back care, wellbeing, coaching for uni students and young professionals and corporate wellness programs. - Gentle yoga for wellbeing.


Weekly Yoga Classes.

Yoga Classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Suitable for all abilities, capabilities and ages. 


Day time and evening classes. Face-to-face and online,  Group and private classes. 

Events and Courses.

Healthy Back Course.

Note: Expression of interest. 

A six-week program of very gentle yet highly effective yoga-based exercises, clinically proven to reduce back pain. Learn about your core stability muscles and how to recruit them effectively and safely to support a pain free back. In person and online.

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Wellbeing Course.

Note: Expression of Interest.


A four week in person and online program for busy people in a busy overstimulating world. This experiential course will help you sleep better, manage stress Learn proven strategies to relax your body, soothe your nervous system and calm your mind.

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Young Hearts  Course. 

Note: Expression of Interest.


Yoga, Meditation, Life skills and Values-Based Coaching Programme for young professionals and uni students. Learn Self-care strategies for managing stress and overwhelme and avoid burn out.   


Gain a new level of self-awareness and confidence to lead from the heart, bringing your uniqueness into a world that needs creative, and open hearted young leaders. 

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Yoga in Nature

Enjoy a two hour mini-retreat

Yoga and Meditation amongst the trees

Small boutique classes of just 6 people in a special venue out in nature 

Occasional Saturdays and Sundays, normaly once a month 

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Yoga in Nature

Breath Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions 


Optimise your breathing to improve your health, balance your nervous system, resduce anxiety, boost energy levels.


Learn a simple daily breathing practice and quick fix breathing techniques for when you need to quickly to change your state of mind, manage panic attacks or give you an energy boost.


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