About Morag


Morag is an experienced and highly regarded Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Wellbeing  Coach.


Many years ago Morag was drawn to Yoga as an effective way of managing her own stress levels when she was juggling a corporate career with motherhood. Practicing yoga had a very positive effect on her life, so much so that trained as a yoga teacher so she could share it with her friends, family and colleagues.  She is also trained in Transpersonal Coaching, Reiki Healing and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She now blends all these modalities to create highly effective wellbeing solutions in 3 specific areas:


1. Stress Buster Yoga and Meditation in the local community – Morag provides a safe and welcoming space for busy people to “press the pause button” and invest in their wellbeing . So whether they are looking to overcome back pain, feel more energised or to let go of the stresses of the day she has the perfect tools to share.

2. Teenagers – Morag is passionate about giving young people the life skills and tools to lead a balanced, authentic and healthy life. She recognises that today’s teens are under lots of pressure to study and achieve good exam results. Her fun and gentle classes encourage self care, self-confidence healthy lifestyle choices.

3. Wellbeing in the corporate space – Morag brings the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and healing therapies to the workplace to help staff manage stress and reduce back pain. With her amazing corporate recharge therapy she supports frazzled execs to quickly and effectively recharge, restore and relax, so they have the energy and concentration to be effective in their work.



Morag’s life Experiences


Morag draws on her own life experiences to help others improve their health and wellbeing. She has experienced a number major life challenges and has used her yoga and meditation tools to build personal resilience. She draws on her corporate career to compassionately support her business clients in practical ways that meets the needs of today’s workplace. She also uses her experience as a mum to connect with kids and teens ensuring  her classes are fun and welcoming.



About Being More


At BeingMore the focus is on being rather than doing. We are Human Beings, not Human Doings and Morag draws on her huge toolbox to help others live more in the present moment and find more peace in their hearts. So whilst they are creating stronger, more flexible and  healthier bodies her clients are also soothing their busy minds and balancing their emotions.


The BEING MORE Paradox

Morag fully recognises the paradox in “being more” and appreciates that in truth we are all, already enough …… and so through her coaching expertise she encourages others to realise this too, to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.