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Programme Rationale:  

The majority of teachers come to the profession because they want to make a difference.  Often their caring nature, strong professionalism and high standards along with high workload and pressure to achieve results can leave principals, teachers and support staff alike, susceptible to the effects of occupational stress.


 “Teachers report the highest level of occupational stress in Australia, the United Kingdom and America” (Bailey, 2013; Education, 2014; Milburn, 2011).


Program aims:

To provide on-site wellbeing support to teaching and school support staff. Give them the opportunity to enhance their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Provide staff with tools, techniques and tips they can be use at home and in the classroom to manage stress and create a positive sense of well-being.


Program Outcomes:

· Reduced back pain, headaches and neck and shoulder tension

· Improved resilience to stress

· Increased energy levels

· Improved sleep quality

· Increased mental clarity and concentration

· Tools to manage and transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive.

· Improved relaxation skills


Program Structure:

This kinaesthetic program consists of gentle stretches and guided relaxations to ease tiredness and tension in the physical body. Simple breathing techniques and scientifically proven mindfulness tools to calm the mind and cultivate wellbeing and resilience.

  • Delivered before or after the school day , or as lunchtime session

  • 1 hour weekly sessions are ideal, but the session times can be skilfully condensed to 45 or 30 minutes to meet business needs

  • No special clothing is required - just comfortable and practical for work.

  • It is suitable for all everyone and can accommodate all levels of fitness, experience and health challenges including hypertension, heart conditions and disc injuries. Modifications and options are offered to ensure a safe, comfortable and fully inclusive experience for all staff.


Program Options:  

Wellbeing sessions can be tailored to suit your staff’s individual and group requirements and the following options can be included:

  • Relax and Restore  - Strong focus on relaxation techniques to restore the body and mind.

  • Healthy backs – Prescribed exercises to strengthen core muscles and prevent back and neck pain.

  • Energy Boost – Dynamic movement and yoga stretches to increase energy and dynamism.

  • Emotional Wellbeing – Gentle yoga,  breathing techniques and mediations  to transform negative emotions such as fear, frustration, lethargy, anger, anxiety or depression into courage, determination, creativity, self-empowerment and compassion for self and others.

  • Clear and Creative – Mindfulness and simple meditation techniques to clear mental chatter and improve creativity and productivity.


Other Workshops Available:

  • 30 minute Yoga Ice breakers – A fun and energising way to start your teach training day, get left and right brains engaged and balanced to enable effective learning and creativity. Ideal for staff strategy meetings and team building events

  • Introduction to Mindfulness - For creativity and clarity and tips to bing mindfulness into the classroom.

  • Building Resilience – Wellbeing strategies to build staff resilience.

  • Self-Compassion – For building confidence and self-motivation

  • Use Your Brains – Tapping into the wisdom of your Head, Heart and Gut (the 3 brains) to make great decisions and create success.



One to One coaching available:

  • 30 minute “Recharge”  -  1 to 1 relaxation therapy (can include reiki therapy) to boost energy levels, support healing, and overcome exhaustion.

  • Wellbeing coaching – 1 to 1 coaching to set personal and professional goals, overcome barriers to change, re-program limiting beliefs and enhance overall wellbeing.




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