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Teenage Testimonials


“Thank you Morag your yoga classes, they really help me relax and get a good night’s sleep. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your amazing classes,. I started doing yoga with Morag when I was studying for my HSC. I came along with my mum and it helped us both to relax cope with the stressful HSC times. I feel so much more together and at peace since I joined Morag’s yoga  classes.”  Alex P – Uni Student 


“I've been doing yoga with Morag for over a year and I  really enjoy it. It's great fun and yoga helps me to relax.. I have found it helps me to stay calm during my study and deal more effectively with stressful situations. Morag is really nice and thoughtful. I've been having anxieties for the past year, ever since I started high school  and yoga has really helped me. It’s a really good way to release your stress. Also in yoga you don't have to push yourself , you only have to do the stretches to your ability. Yoga is a really good technique to help you if you have any anxieties like I've been having for the past year every since I started high school. Yoga is honestly a really good way to release your senses and relax after a busy week or a stressful one.”   Holly B – Yr8 CGHS student


"Yoga renews and relaxes my  body, preparing me for all that stress and anxiety that is thrown at me everyday. The yoga classes run by Morag Morrish at Cheltenham Gils High School  have been really beneficial for me during the HSC and are always something I look forward to in the midst of an exhausting and busy schedule."  Rhonda Lee – Y12 CGHS


“I started DRU Yoga to help deal with the stresses that may come with HSC. It helped me to release any tension in my body and establish a mental state of peace and  tranquillity. Morag is a wonderful teacher, whose gentle teaching methods and soothing voice really helped with achieving a sense of relaxation. She ensures that each of her students are working within their own safety and comfort levels and  and offers easier options for those who are challenged with the postures.  Upon leaving her class, I felt very relaxed and calm, and this really helped during exam periods. A few weeks of DRU Yoga had me feeling a lot less tense and the various breathing techniques taught helped with overcoming stress. Morag creates a positive learning environment for everyone, and I highly recommend attending one of her classes.”  Alisha D – Yr 12 CGHS (Head Girl 2014)


Testimonials for DRU yoga from the parents:


“I love Morag's yoga class as the environment is very relaxing and fun. I have had back problems for a number of years and I find the regular practicing of yoga is beneficial for that, but the relaxation at the end of each class is the best bit! The class is small and personal, we are like a small family. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities.”  Nicky B -  Mum and Scientist


“I really enjoy Morag’s yoga classes – the relaxation/meditation is just fantastic and just what I need to give me a boost for the rest of the day!"  Debbie B  - Mum and Occupational Therapist

"Thank you to Morag from Dru Yoga for introducing me to the wonderful art of relaxation, no more sleepless nights!"   Anja S - Events Manager and Mum


"Thanks for a wonderful introduction to yoga - the classes are deeply relaxing and physically nourishing. I love your warm and affirming approach. Just brilliant!"   Emma H - Editor & Mother


"Thank you for the experience. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the yoga and feeling its benefits especially in stress reduction. It's beautiful and you are a wonderful teacher."

Rachael C  - Professional Singer, Massage therapist & Mother


 "I have learnt to switch off, find a place of stillness & leave feeling so revitalised & rejuvenated that I achieve so much more in the day."   Katie G - Educator & Mother


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