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Corporate Testimonials


"I really enjoy the yoga and relaxation sessions and find that they are really invigorating. It’s also great to have a break from the normal daily routine."  Kellie


"The yoga and 1 to 1 sessions with Morag have helped to greatly reduce my back pain and give me a great box of tools to reduce stress levels and refocus myself at hectic  times.  The environment that Morag creates feels safe and it helps me to engage 100 % in the exercises because I don’t need to worry about external stuff."  Christin


“I absolutely love Morag’s yoga and relaxation sessions, because they give me a chance to move my body and let go of my busy thoughts, giving me the chance to clear my mind and return to work with a fresh perspective.”  Clare


“I fully recommend Morag’s yoga class. They provide me such learnings about my body (muscles and trust) and enhanced my everyday life! I had ongoing and recurring lower back pain and numbness. Since my take up regular of Dru Yoga this has disappeared (relieved my pain) and not returned - amazing!”   Kylie


"The Yoga classes that I have attended have been wonderful; you create a very trusting, supportive and nurturing environment which is perfect. My only regret is that I have not had enough available time to be able to participate as much as I would have liked." Anne

"I took some time to start to attend yoga because I found it incongruous with being at work (total support for having it but could not get my own head around it).  However, I did rethink it because I appreciate Morag’s positive energy and realised it would be nurturing to be in this space - this could benefit me at work (and elsewhere). I attend Monday afternoon only because lunchtime is not convenient on a 16/8 diet.  I so enjoy it – I plan to continue." Sandra

"Although I only attended a few early sessions I found them beneficial in re-energising and shifting heavy energy, especially through shaking hands and legs ( techniques that I continue to use at home). I also enjoyed the gentle breathing exercises as I am aware when I am feeling stressed I struggle to breath properly and your sessions helped with this."  Laura


"I would like to thank you for helping me work toward a stronger back and happier healthier me.  Your classes are enjoyable and very easy to follow. Looking forward to continuing with the program to be even better."  Symone


"I fully endorse the Yoga/Back Care and Relaxation sessions and consider this to be a high priority for my wellbeing at work. I find myself looking forward to Monday as I know there is yoga at the end of the day. Morag is an accomplished facilitator and I hear her voice telling me to release any tension (let go, let go, let go………) and to smile and shake out all that stress when I am on the way home, in the supermarket or at the weekends.

The back care and stretching program is also valuable and good reinforcement of the yoga and relaxation. Given the nature of the TM role this program is certainly facilitates being a shiny TM. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and I look forward to continuing with this valuable wellbeing for staff initiative in 2015."  Mandy


"The back care program  and yoga has been a great way for me to take time to care for myself. It has been a great chance to step away from my desk and stretch my body.

Having programs that help you to take just a small amount of time during your day for movement and health, greatly contribute to how I feel at work and also how I feel at home."



"Since I attended the first circuit, boxing and Yoga classes, it was really to encourage my son Youssef who attended INS for approx. three months work experience. I was forcing myself to attend so that he could also participate and I had no idea that I will last till now. Looking forward I can recommend the circuit, boxing and Yoga classes to any INS staff member as these sessions helped me with the following:

  • Improved my fitness level

  • lost weight

  • more stronger and faster

  • and if course, it is all free (except for a small donation to a charity)

I honestly can’t remember when I started the circuit and boxing training, but it feels I only commenced yesterday, as I learn something new every time I attend a session. I am committed to these classes and it is a small sacrifice for being away from my family for a few hours a week but it is worth it as I know I will spend more happy hours with my family in the long term being a healthier father, Grandfather and hopefully a great Grandfather.

I have worked for a total of 33 years in government positions and none of those organisations provided their employees with these free fitness sessions. I only been an employee at INS for just over one year and I can see the difference in me. I do recommend these fitness sessions to all the INS staff and thank Seamus Mallon, Morag Morrish and if course the INS Execs for supporting these classes and making it happen. Keep up the good work everyone."  Tayseer

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