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General Testimonials


"I love your classes, as it’s not just the wonderful Dru Yoga, it’s your beautiful positive energy, your divine philosophy on life and your amazing ability to ‘tune in’ to what’s happening with our lives then incorporate the best practices for us into each class to keep us healthy, balanced and always fulfilled. Tuesdays really are my favourite days and I thank you from the depths of my heart! "

Ali N - Educator 

'Morag has probably saved my life. I went to Dru Yoga full of in-trepidation (I'd tried several types of yoga before and came away feeling more stressed than when I went in! I wasn't keen to try any other classes either) Morag's yoga has a totally different feel and outcome. As a testimonial, I just finished my second class with Morag and my pulse rate is the lowest it's been in over a year! Morag is intelligent, warm, a skilful teacher and passionate about the benefits of Dru. I recommend her classes to anyone, particularly those suffering with anxiety, muscle pain or any form of tension.'

Melissa G – Primary Teacher

'I’ve practiced yoga and bodywork for over 15 years and am so pleased to have found Morag and her Dru Yoga classes! With Morag’s most wonderful visualizations and guidance and the slow and gentle pace of the Dru practice, I can feel the deep connections and energy pathways opening in a way that is so much more loving and pleasurable than in other more intense classes. Thank you Dear Morag for all the extra little ways you have supported me and the whole community with your shining light!!!'

Cecily B - Yoga Teacher, Health Coach and Massage therapist

'I came into Morag's Dru Yoga class today feeling like a ratbag....and came out feeling like a goddess'

Robin - Yoga Student

'Love it...her class is an escape from everyday life...very enjoyable'.

Sam- Business Owner


'I love Dru Yoga with Morag, and always feel so joyful for days afterwards............. Like I’m walking on air and nothing can upset me' Felicity, teacher.  Thank you, Morag."

Felicity -Teacher 


"Dear Morag, I wanted to say thank you for looking after me so well. Not only do I get my weekly yoga and relaxation fix from you but the difference that the exercises have made to my shoulders and neck is huge. Usually I'm so stiff and sore from being hunched over my computer - the Dru stretching and movement has made such an enormous difference. 

Thanks again!"

Diane K – Development Manager


"I started yoga to improve my flexibility and have a little bit of quiet reflective time in my week. What I discovered was so much more. Dru yoga is really fun and Morag is a wonderful teacher. Last term Morag was focusing on goal setting. I have always wanted to write a novel and had started a while ago but not really got anywhere, so I set that as my goal. By the end of the term I was so set on achieving my goal that I took 3 months off work to devote to writing that book. This term in yoga we have been working on the vitality sequence which has helped me to stay focused on my goal and I have just finished writing my book 4 weeks ahead of schedule! I certainly feel that the yoga has given me some of the determination and self belief that was needed to fulfill one of my life long dreams and now that I have achieved this, I'm wondering what's next!"

Nicky B - Scientist and Mother


"I really enjoy the Morag’s yoga classes class yesterday – the relaxation/meditation is just fantastic and just what I need to give me a boost for the rest of the day!"

Debbie B  - Occupational therapist

"Dru Yoga classes under the care and encouragement of Morag have been very beneficial for me. Morag can modify and adapt the yoga movements to accommodate those with physical limitations or injury; in my case, reduced mobility in my left arm and shoulder. My neck problems have significantly improved  and is now largely pain free and my posture is so much better.  I have greater neck mobility.  I also love the mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques which are helping me to focus my energy and manage anxiety"  

Janet B – Retired public servant

The mini yoga retreat was fab thanks so much Morag ​......​and it cleared my headache that I had had for a whole week. The hut is a magical place to do yoga . I came away totally relaxed and at one with the world.

Kerry fox ​- IT Exec

"Thank you to Morag from Dru Yoga for introducing me to the wonderful art of relaxation, no more sleepless nights!"

Anja S - Events Manager


"Thanks for a wonderful introduction to yoga - the classes are deeply relaxing and physically nourishing. I love your warm and affirming approach. Just brilliant!"  

Emma H – Teacher, Editor & Mother


 "I have learnt to switch off, find a place of stillness & leave feeling so revitalised & rejuvenated that I achieve so much more in the day."

Katie G - Educator & Mother


“Starting to practice yoga in my sixties has been challenging. However, after six months, Morag’s Dru Yoga sessions have provided me with the inspiration and encouragement to adopt a more mindful approach to living. Through a range of physical exercises and relaxation techniques Morag has given me the  practical strategies to improve my sense of  well being, resulting in a reduction in blood pressure medication and overall improved health across a range of measures” 

Karen J - Retired School Principal


"After Each class I feel more positive and relaxed and filled with good intentions – it benefits physically, emotionally and energetically – I love it.”

MaryL– librarian/bookkeeper


“Dru Yoga with Morag brings me balance and puts a smile on my face. I recommend a weekly class, to  benefit from the many life enhancing techniques she shares.”

Rachel F- Manager

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